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MonsterMMORPG is a new generation browser based MMORPG game which is targeting Pokemon and Pokemon style games lovers. If you are looking for a free to play fun game try Monster MMORPG

Free To Play Browser MMORPG Game Monster MMORPG Game Review

Monster MMORPG is a new generation browser based MMORPG game which recently started to become very popular among the online games players so here a review about it to you.

The Features Which Will Make You Play

  • Totally free to play - no payment is required to open any content
  • Only a decent browser is required
  • Active player base which will keep you more entertained
  • Very advanced security system that prevents hacking and cheating
  • Fully working player versus player - PVP available
  • Integrated chat system at game page with multiple languages support

The Features Which You May Not Enjoy

Rating: 8.9/10 Review By MMORPG Games Expert

MonsterMMORPG is a truly browser based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It recently started to become popular and get the deserving attention from reviewers and players.

MonsterMMORPG is about catching, battling and training with monsters. If you are familiar with Pokemon MMORPG games you will certainly love this game and easily adapt to play. But if you have never played any such style game we suggest you to watch HD game-play tutorial videos of MonsterMMORPG.

MonsterMMORPG has a lot of very high quality monsters that you can pick up the best ones you liked. The developer aim is adding countless monsters to the game with the help of volunteer artists around the world. You can also join MonsterMMORPG team if you are a digital artist and get credit at Monster MMORPG credits page.

For example Monster MMORPG volunteer talented artists recently started to redraw MonsterMMORPG's current monsters in a greater quality. You will really like them. Here several examples

[Image: 646Volcaurus.png] [Image: 647Zonench.png] [Image: 648Tsunidle.png] [Image: 649Stellack.png] [Image: 650Spiralaxy.png] [Image: 142Jetegin.png] [Image: 144Yetee.png][Image: 657Lunardian.png] [Image: 658Alaclipse.png] [Image: 659Alieian.png]

The developer planning to start adding thousands of more monsters soon. He is going to get explicit permission of DeviantArt artists for their ready monsters and add them to the game. With this way developer planning to make Monster MMORPG having countless monsters game. He also hired professional digital artist for having elite quality group of monsters . These monsters will certainly make difference. Here several of them :

Erdegon (Dragon & Ground): [Image: 052_Erdegon.png]

Serperor (Dragon & Psychic): [Image: 053_Serperor.png]

Dracorpio (Dragon & Bug): [Image: 054_Dracorpio.png]

Decesile (Dragon & Ghost): [Image: 055_Decesile.png]

Sarcuda (Dragon & Water): [Image: 056_Sarcuda.png]

MonsterMMORPG also has a lot of maps. But the developer planning get higher quality and bigger and a lot more maps. He recently hired a talented mapper for this job for new 520 maps . Here the several of them :

[Image: 016-route13.PNG] [Image: 017-route14.PNG] [Image: 018-route15.PNG] [Image: 019-route16.PNG] [Image: 020-city-NORMAL-MM.PNG] [Image: 002-route1 (NEWGRASS).PNG]

The game also has HD screenshots page for the players who wants to see gameplay before trying out. The game banners are also very professional and good quality.

Game also has a very active community where you can ask questions, discuss new things and learn how to play the game.

MonsterMMORPG also provides you super quality avatars that you can use as your profile image.

In summary we suggest you to try out this free to play browser mmorpg game login and start your journey

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